[ExI] WWRD? (What will Russia do?)

painlord2k at libero.it painlord2k at libero.it
Wed Apr 8 23:59:52 UTC 2009

Il 09/04/2009 1.14, Dagon Gmail ha scritto:
> If anyone were concerned (or worried. or terrified. or hysterical) about
> the spread of
> fundamentalist islam
> <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R65z5XlWZ8k&feature=related> think
> again. I think its gay
> <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rw3_VGVH66s&feature=related>. Let me
> hasten to add that I consider
> Wahabism a variant of Saudi Nashi, for good or for bad :)

The first video is from Iran, not from Saudi Arabia. The title fooled you.
I know perfectly that many Muslims extremists are homosexual tendencies. 
They will fuck what they like and when the time come they will be 
discovered, they will die during the Jihad. Their sins will be washed 
and they will go in their paradise where they will have eternal 
erections and 72 virgins females and 18 young boys.

Many women are raped by the same jihadists and forced to become suicide 
bombers to cancel the shame on their family.

What could be interesting is to know what happened to these girls in the 
video after it was posted. Nothing good I suppose.

Like the destiny of the girls of the scandal of Agadir.


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