[ExI] What the France!?

painlord2k at libero.it painlord2k at libero.it
Thu Apr 9 14:06:41 UTC 2009

Il 09/04/2009 8.29, Eschatoon Magic ha scritto:
> I thought you were a libertarian, what is this stalinist crap about burkas?
> Aren't libertarian supposed to like individual freedom? What business
> of yours is if someone likes to wear a burka? Why don't you mind your
> own business?

In a libertarian world, I would not forced to deal with Muslims, not to 
pay their welfare by socialists politicians. So they could mask as much 
as they like.
In a libertarian world, I and many other kafirs, would prevent any 
masked person in our properties, either Muslims or ninjas.

As the public places are properties of the government (now), it can 
decide that people must be unmasked. Or must unmask at request of the 
police, or other. What is unacceptable is that I can not mask myself and 
they can mask themselves and the government close its eyes when this 
happen to avoid troubles (riots, violence, etc.). The same is true for 
many other laws.

> Ah yes, I see -- you call yourself a libertarian in the sense that you
> care about _your_ freedom to _remove_ the freedom of others. I prefer
> to refer to this attitude by another name.

I care the freedom to be able to prevent others to remove my freedom now 
and in the future.

You think about freedom like a series of tenets and taboos; do this, 
don't do that and all be good; never mind the effects of your actions or 
inactions in the future.
I think freedom like a tree that must be cared ad protected and 
preserved. And sometimes you need to strip away the ivy.


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