[ExI] Getting People who Speak Heresies to Shut Up

painlord2k at libero.it painlord2k at libero.it
Sat Apr 11 11:37:50 UTC 2009

Il 10/04/2009 22.57, Damien Broderick ha scritto:
> At 08:12 PM 4/10/2009 +0000, BillK wrote:

> To my astonishment (but one can never trust phone polls--who answers
>  these things? and the parameters are undefined), I read:

> <http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/general_politics/just_53_say_capitalism_better_than_socialism>Just
>  53% Say Capitalism Better Than Socialism Rasmussen Reports

> Only 53% of American adults believe capitalism is better than
> socialism.

Given the answers after, I think this show that the American adults
don't know that "capitalism" and "free-market" are practically
synonymous. Interesting the difference between Republicans and Democrats.
Note also the changing from younger adults to mature ones.
Maybe, older you get less you believe in pipe dreams.

> Investors by a 5-to-1 margin choose capitalism. As for those who do
> not invest, 40% say capitalism is better while 25% prefer socialism.

Who risk want be free from predatory control, where who than don't like 
risking want someone else provide for them.

> The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that
> 20% disagree and say socialism is better. Twenty-seven percent (27%)
> are not sure which is better.

It would be interesting to know what are the jobs of these people.

> Adults under 30 are essentially evenly divided: 37% prefer
> capitalism, 33% socialism, and 30% are undecided. Thirty-somethings
> are a bit more supportive of the free-enterprise approach with 49%
> for capitalism and 26% for socialism. Adults over 40 strongly favor
> capitalism, and just 13% of those older Americans believe socialism
> is better.

Well, whatever they like or not, with Obama and Pelosi they will know 
what is socialism and how much it work. Not that in the recent years the 
US would be an example of capitalism or free market.


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