[ExI] "Take a stress pill, Dave"

painlord2k at libero.it painlord2k at libero.it
Sat Apr 11 11:58:12 UTC 2009

Il 11/04/2009 9.26, Dagon Gmail ha scritto:
>         medicable condition.
>     There comes a point where being staunchly partisan becomes a
>     So you think Mirco should be medicated, and he thinks "alienated
>     youth" should be medicated and incarcerated until they become sweet
>     and gentle. Hmmm.

> Of course not ! I am sure I would be apprehended for medication much
> earlier.

Well, I know sometimes people are medicated from the childhood. But it 
is done by the appropriate services and, usually, with the consent of 
the parents.
Unfortunately we are unable to early detect people with psychiatric 
problems before the onset of the pathology and, usually, the detection 
happen only after the first or second psychotic episode start.

Lesser are the number of crisis untreated and longer the crisis last, 
worst is the prognosis. Every crisis destroy a little part of the brain.

> But I am very interested when this kind of people may want to start
> self-medicating when
> they find they have been consistently counterproductive for years and
> years.

Usually they start self medicating in some way or another.
Alcohol, coffee or drugs (recreational or not) they try to self 
medicate. The problem is that self medication is problematic when you 
are confused and self discipline is difficult to impose to themselves.
This is because help from other is useful.


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