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Yes - The point being that growing food on the surface might account for
what we have now
(6+ billion) and we will lose surface for agriculture due to climatic
issues. So we need extra
biomass to grow food. Hence - seafloors, artificial illumination, automated
farming, etc.

Note that your arguments ( we dont have to the energy resources!!) also
holds as soon as
we run out of oil. Right now growing animal food required a LOT more than
12kW per

2009/4/11 Keith Henson <hkeithhenson at gmail.com>

> Human eat around 2500 calories per day or around 10,000 kj--which over
> 24 hours is about 120 watts.  If you take light in to human food out
> at1% (which is probably optimistic) then you need about 12kW per
> person.  So to feed a billion people on artificial light would take 12
> TW, or about the same as current total energy consumption.
> Keith
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