[ExI] The enemy?/was Re: What the France!?

painlord2k at libero.it painlord2k at libero.it
Sat Apr 11 14:09:59 UTC 2009

Il 09/04/2009 16.37, Dan ha scritto:

> I think that a true libertarian would be afraid of the enemy known as
> the state.

I am, but there are many enemies and anyone have different priorities.

> I find it funny that someone who calls himself or herself
> a libertarian is afraid of some women in burkas, but quite willing to
> allow the state all sorts of privileges with regard to these same
> women.

I'm not in fear of the women in burkas.
I'm in fear of their men. I fear the fact that they are able to force 
them in burkas, in arranged weddings, beating them in submission.
I'm in fear that we allow them to preach hate and teach hate, organize 
and grow stronger inside our societies.

There are many enemies of freedom, someone play by some rules and 
someone play with different rules; someone play with no rules.

It is not only the state that is a danger to freedom, but also cults 
that use violence to spread or to keep people captives of the group and 
criminals that use violence to prey upon others.

So, we need to choose our priorities.

> For the record, one can be a staunch racist and still be a
> libertarian -- just as long as one still adheres to the libertarian
> principle.

The problem is that we all limit the "libertarian principle" in scope in 
some way. Usually this is on the line of "it is worth of human or 
human-like respect". I think libertarians have no problem to eat meat 
from slaughtered cows (vegetarians apart). So we don't apply the "not 
egress first" to the cows. Many tribes consider deserving human respect 
only the people of their tribe, not the others. So, they could be 
libertarians in principle in their internal relations, but not in their 
external ones.

What would do a libertarian or a group of libertarians when they live 
near a tribe that don't consider them to deserve "human-like respect", 
the same respect they give to the member of their tribe?
Say the tribe have a few youngster that like to form a party and go out 
to pillage, rape and kill. What they do when some individual of the 
"libertarian group" are raped, killed, robbed, maimed, etc.?
What they would do if the chief of the tribe (or the elders) are 
unwilling or unable to punish or inhibit the few youngsters?

Say this will continue, but it is not a real problem, initially, for the 
majority of the libertarians, because the victims are mainly on the 
borders areas and not where the main libertarian population live. But 
the tribe have an higher fecundity, so their population grow and the war 
parties grow stronger every years. Then, some libertarians in the border 
zone pack and leave the place, that is colonized by the tribe. Then 
always more libertarians leave the borders and these are settled by the 
tribes. Then sometimes, rarely, some war parties enter in the deep of 
the libertarians territory. What do you do?


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