[ExI] "Take a stress pill, Dave"

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Sat Apr 11 15:43:48 UTC 2009

Il 11/04/2009 16.32, Olga Bourlin ha scritto:
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>> Usually they start self medicating in some way or another.
>> Alcohol, coffee or drugs (recreational or not) they try to self medicate.
> Coffee? COFFEE? Oh, dear, I live in the nucleus of El Loony Bin on this
> planet - Seattle (and I am one of its permanent residents; however, just
> to be on the safe side, please lock me up and throw away the key!)

I know patients that drank 50 cup of coffee in a day (Italian Espresso 
Coffe). Obviously they were a bit shaky. Usually they don't know, but 
caffeine is the antidote of aloperidol (Haldol), so usually more Haldol 
we give them more they want to drink coffee (of Coke).

I think half of the western civilization rest on the use of alcohol and 
the other rest on the use of coffee.
We tried other stuff in past, but not with the same success.


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