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Sun Apr 12 13:48:18 UTC 2009

> Docile, law abiding zombies.
> This technology would be more disruptive than the nuclear weapons.
> We could cure many people and screw many others and the society.
> This remember me the movie with Sylvester Stallone (Demolition Man) where

they can "fix" the psyche of people making them totally spineless, helpless
> but not good.

*as long as people have the freedom to move between places* I will take your
pepsi test anytime.
We cannot right now, and I sure as hell can't ever, but if it were possible
to create colonies,
independent of the main state - and if a colony were to be run as a
collective, where people would
be allowed entry if they consented to these technologies (and I am thinking
specifically of the
iPlant device) the resulting society would be far more effective in straight
head-on economic
competition with other states. Plus I think in very short order people would
want to migrate to
such a polity (and the old state systems would go insane propagandizing
against it).

The potential for abuse is immense, but that is  true in any alternative
you'd care to come up with,
including capitalism, communism, fascism, monarchy or variants of

I think this is a terrible vision to some people, but unavoidable and I am
all for it - assuming the
modifications to NOT reduce free will. I want competitiveness out, I want
pathological exludism out,
I want a society where people feel united, even if it were engineered by
neurological techniques,
preferably when enhanced by plastic surgery and rejuvenation. Create a
diffuse hack/game proof
dopamine/seratonin rewards system, tweak it against chaotic selfreinforcing
cycles, and then
link it to societal approval. Do good, and society likes you. Do bad and you
get a very strong urge
to do better. Then make all resources part of the collective.

Let this baby compete with free markets and I am sure it'll outcompete them
nearly every other
system. The key is to rip out the human instinct to predate on other humans,
and implement a
mechanic to finetune that and fix any errors that result of evolutionary
imperatives. Then make
everyone conscious actors in collective benefit and prosperity and make
people happier the more
succesful the collective is.
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