[ExI] are all cultures equivalent?

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There is a universe of which we know nothing. We inhabit a thin shell of
on a world of no special importance and we only number a scarce few billion
with brains as pathetic as dead leaves. This collective consciousness of a
billion humans, all with a very precarious understanding and ability to
reality. We know nothing, or next to nothing. What technology we have, what
science we have, it is less than a baby in its crib reaching towards the
of the cradle towards a blur it can barely make out.

I only know my heart screams out, for something better than this.

Be cautious in anything, any judgment, any pronunciation, about even the
most (apparently) ludicrous of subjects, for we know nothing. For now all we

can be sure of is to not treat others as we ourselves do not wish to be
and even that in the most cautious of manners.

We inhabit a very precarious age in human history where single humans still
die, and we collectively stand years away from all of us dying, and many who

read this may experience the total extinction of humanity personally. Or

This is an era not to be underestimated or trivialized in any way. We truly
in the turning point between despicable animal consciousness and the eternal

atrocity we call nature. We now can formulate an alternative to void and the
horror of evolutionary imprisonment. We stand on the brink of real meaning.
And last we should do is be smug or cavalier about it.

So think wisely, and a long time, about what direction we all go. I really
the words are spoken right here, right now, that define which direction we
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