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Hi everyone,

What do you think of this idea:

The DIYbio Salon -- a meeting to learn and teach about biotech and
biohacking. If you're into exploring your genome, making plants that
communicate with twitter, synthetic biology, or even hacking a beetle
to fly like a remote control plane -- we dig it.
Every meeting is for amateurs and experts  -- you can share or listen
in! Each Salon session will combine 5 minute "lightning talks" about
cool topics and longer workshops such as "An Intro to Synthetic
Biology" or "Arduino + Biology".

We're thinking this would be a cool way to learn and give back to the
community -- and take the focus off bio-labs and bio-equipment. We'd
probably be meeting on 1 Saturday a month to start off. Would you be

Also, on Saturday Marnia, Josh, Praveen, Tim, and I got on skype for a
meeting about DIYbio. Here's a quick summary to keep you updated:

1. Marnia moved the fridge from Noisebridge to her garage
2. Whenever you send a DIYbio email concerning Noisebridge, such as
scheduling, etc, please cc NoiseBridge Discuss
<noisebridge-discuss at lists.noisebridge.net
3. The GFP experiment is on hold until further notice


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