[ExI] China/was Re: are all cultures equivalent?

Dan dan_ust at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 13 19:50:43 UTC 2009

--- On Mon, 4/13/09, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:
> There would be an alternative explanation in this case: the
> Chinese
> government mandates for small families (one child, left
> behind) caused
> enormous savings for a while, lasting until all those
> ageing parents need
> support from their vastly overwhelmed younger
> generation.  Secondly, China
> is functionally transitioning from communism to capitalism,
> since 1989.
> Good for them, but it still doesn't solve a huge problem of
> what to do with
> the starving hordes of AARPs, or rather in their case
> CARPs.

I think the transition to a more market-based economy started earlier than that -- perhaps 1980 or earlier.  To be sure, command economies are never totally in command; there's always some market component.  But what I mean is that the policies started changing earlier, but they became more noticable by 1989 and after.




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