[ExI] The Extro List- Past/Future (Was: Re: How to Build a Dinosaur)

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Tue Apr 14 00:23:57 UTC 2009


On Behalf Of John Grigg
	...I fondly remember and miss Robert Bradbury's frequent insightful
postings...and of course Eliezer (we "saw" him grow up on the extro list)...

Ja, but of course we saw you grow up on the same list.  I am still waiting
to see me grow up on the list.

	...But there is no reason that the finest years of the list should
not actually be ahead of us!...

Well said, sir, and may it be so.
	...I was able to attend Extro 5 in 2001 because Robert Bradbury gave
me a bunch of his frequent flyer miles.  I will never forget his great

He also made possible the attendance of at least three others by way of
supplying airline tickets.  I know this from hearing it from the recipients,
not the donor.  In fact I didn't know until just now that he had donated
airline miles to you.  Robert never made a big deal about it, but he helped

  ...It was fun staying at your house in a room next to Anders, and I kept
on hearing pages turn as he intellectually devoured the library you have in
your home!...lol  I still wonder how much sleep he got...

Not much as I recall, nor did the rest of us.  That party we had after
Extro5 is still talked about by the neighbors to this day.  We were out back
doing the hakosote game.  I laughed so hard my cheeks ached.  That was the
first time a lot of us had ever met face to face.  We were so amazed at what
we saw and heard.  Some of the classic list quarrelers got along just fine
in the meat world.  Some were exactly as we would have expected from their
online personality, others seemed so opposite.

  ...Oh, and there is my cool recollection of driving around in a van with
Anders and Greg, with the conversation about building bio-nano spacecraft to
get extropy members off-planet as soon as possible!  Finally, I recall Max
taking time out of his very busy schedule at the conference to talk to me
about his life.  Good times...

The best of times were these.



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