[ExI] Making Rationalizations is Superior to the Alternative

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 13:18:07 UTC 2009

On 4/14/09, Lee Corbin wrote:
>  Besides, I had previously outlined my reasoning pretty
>  clearly. If I lived in France, and if there existed a
>  clear distinction between my ancestors who were French
>  and had been living there a millenium or so, and if I
>  valued greatly the French (and of course, Western)
>  traditions that were and are so at odds with what happens
>  in *every* Muslim controlled country, then it follows that
>  my people and I must expel the Muslims or else run the
>  exceedingly severe risk of losing those very traditions;
>  and worse, very possibly having to live or have our
>  children live under Sharia.

1) You don't live in France.
2) You assume there is a clear distinction between 'old' French
citizens and 'new' French citizens.
3) You greatly value French tradition and civilization.
4) You therefore want to expel all Muslims from France.

So all this attacking human rights is merely a 'thought experiment'
for your intellectual amusement and the disruption of the extropy

Sometimes you so-called 'libertarians' make me hurt my ribs with
laughing so much.
Just about every point above contradicts the principles you claim to hold dear.

You don't really value French tradition, as you have lectured us
before about how the Western systems of government should be scrapped
in favor of a libertarian system.
But you still want to initiate force against law-abiding citizens
because you suspect that many years in the future they 'might' spoil a
society that you want to scrap anyway.

Therefore you should also agree that the French should expel all
'libertarians' because they recommend dismantling the French system of
government and destroying centuries of tradition.


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