[ExI] Fwd: FYI: Experimental Man

Dan dan_ust at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 16 16:48:31 UTC 2009

--- On Thu, 4/16/09, Natasha Vita-More <natasha at natasha.cc> wrote:
> I took the test.
> http://www.portfolio.com/interactive-features/2008/06/Brain-Age
> Before I release my brain's age, I'll try it again (just to
> make sure).

Haven't taken it yet, but I wonder how the time of day it's taken and other conditions influence the results.  I can imagine someone with a youthful brain taking it under really bad conditions and at the wrong time concluding her brain is not so youthful -- and someone with a not so youthful brain taking it under ideal conditions and concluding, in comparison with the former person, that his brain is in good shape (or better than hers).




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