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...On Behalf Of Stefano Vaj
	>Why, the book is about the author's thesis that SF, far from being
a glorification of  technoscience as it is often deemed to be, is as a genre
a grand warning against its dangers, or even its unavoidably catastrophic
consequences...Stefano Vaj

A decade ago when many of us still went to the video store to rent movies, I
noticed the genres divided such that there was a section called
sci-fi/horror.  There was no Sci-fi/comedy or sci-fi/chick or
sci-fi/romance.  Romance and comedy went together well, but not sci-fi and
comedy or sci-fi and romance.  Why?  Damien wrote a good sci-fi with comedy
mixed in, altho it isn't primarily a comedy, just has some hilarious stuff
in it, Transcension.  

Damien wrote another one which I cannot recall the name (Damien, which
please?) where the scientist Dr. Paul (who?) and his friend are trying to
concentrate on the business at hand, important stuff, but they are both so
horny they can't think straight.  They have no birth control devices (rather
not in the standard sense) but they make do with what they have, which makes
for a most hilarious scene.

Sci-fi with feelings: well there is Contact, the movie version, altho it
could be just me, since I have had a desperate crush on Jodi Foster since we
were about ten.  Another would be both Cocoon movies, lostsa good
intergenerational stuff.

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