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To continue, it seems there should be more SF/chick stuff out there.  I
don't mean just more gratuitous nudity in SF.  Well, on second thought more
gratuitous nudity would be fine too.  In Contact, the romance wasn't the
main point of the story, but the periodic attraction between Palmer Joss and
Dr. Arroway really adds a lot to the story and attracts major acting talent.
They understated way they did it in that film reminds me a lot of the way
real romance goes for many people.  It gave the film a nice authenticity.  

Contrast Kirk's many meaningless flings such as the nearly fatal attraction
with the crazy green chick (ewww... ref. Whom Gods Destroy, season 3 episode
14, stardate 5718.3) and that exactly one time Spock got horny and all hell
broke loose.  If he doesn't pon farr T'Pring, he will die you see, ask any
Vulcan. (ref. T'Pring, Spock's Betrothed, season 2, episode 1, stardate
3372.7 and ohhh I am such a hopeless geek.)

SF should have some chick stuff mixed in with the cool technology and such.


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