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> At 07:26 PM 4/19/2009 -0700, JG wrote:
>  Did you ever see the film where he's targeted by a succubus for seduction
>> and spiritual destruction, but he converts her over to the good side by his
>> righteous example and love?
> No, but that's happened to me more than once. Well, "love" might be putting
> it a little too strongly.

I can already see the plot of your next novel...  A charming and witty
Aussie sf and fantasy writer is targeted by various succubi who find him
stubbornly irresistible.  He uses his secular humanist viewpoint, great
native intelligence, and skills as a cocksman to convince them they are
actually *not* demons (all evidence to the contrary), and due to losing
faith in their powers and origin, they become irreversibly human!  And to
the great consternation of the writer, an angel shows up at the end of the
story to say that the wordsmith has been an instrument in God's hands.

John  ; )
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