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This will be great! 

There are two parts to this. First we need an 'agreement statement' which is the root 'camp' for the topic. It is the basic facts about the book that everyone from any POV will agree with. We can also define the purpose of the topic, or basically ask the survey question: "what do people think of this book?". 

Then there would be the 'camp' statement, which is the POV of you and of as many transhumanists as possible. Use phrases like 'We think' instead of 'I think' since people like me will be joining the camp (deleagating my support to you). and it will bascially be the voice of all people in the 'camp'. In other words, if someone asks me what I think about the book, I can just proved the URL to the camp. 

Brent Allsop 

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On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 4:32 AM, Brent Allsop <brent.allsop at comcast.net> wrote: 
> It seems to me like people that are argue anything like 'science is out of 
> control', or that any loss of any kind of science is "a good thing for 
> humankind" is very harmful, and even destructive of what could otherwise be 
> - and thereby all such is immoral. 

I agree. 

> Would you be willing to write up a short concise statement about your 
> thinking on this book, even if it is only a sumary of what you have said on 
> this list, then we could get it 'canonized' so we, and any others that 
> wonder what transhumanists think of such, even if they haven't yet read it, 
> can have such for a moral reference? 

Sure, I will. 

Stefano Vaj 
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