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James Clement clementlawyer at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 22 04:39:41 UTC 2009

Emlyn wrote:

> I ran across this site via an ad in gmail. I don't know what to make
> of it. Is this stuff real?
> http://www.stemcellschina.com/
> Pretty bullish stuff.

FYI, we're going to publish an interview in our next h+ Magazine about the Chinese company Beike Biotechnology in Guangdong Province.  They've done over 5,000 stem-cell treatments on humans, many of whom are Americans.  While they admit that the therapy doesn't work on every type of illness, they are nevertheless having some amazing results.  I can't wait until such therapy is allowed here (currently the FDA claims regulation over stem cells, even where the stem cells are taken from your own body, cultured and put back into your body).  

We've published tons of news articles on both Betterhumans.com and hplusmagazine.com about people traveling abroad for successful stem-cell treatments.

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