[ExI] Really? and EP

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Wed Apr 22 12:27:38 UTC 2009

Keith writes

> Every evolved physical trait is the result of selection, either
> directly for the trait or as a side effect of something else that was
> selected (or in rare cases, random fixation of relatively neutral
> traits).


> Genetics seems likely to go obsolete in the singularity.  I would
> worry more about smart people breeding themselves out of the gene pool
> if I thought the singularity were more than one or two generations in
> the future.

Oh, it's happening already. Take the percentage
of white and black people who are capable of
doing the most intellectually demanding work.
All this whining about how our schools are doing
such a bad job is misdirected. Asians seem to be
doing just fine in our schools.

The sad fact is that the U.S. has to import smart
people from overseas (not Mexico) to fill the
really challenging technical jobs.

Thirty years ago the chess tournaments I put
on for kids were made up almost exclusively
of white kids. With a few exceptions here and
there, they weren't all that hot as chess

When I put on chess tournaments for kids now
in Northern California, practically all the
kids are Asian. Blacks have completely disappeared.
There are fewer Mexicans than there used to be.
Not only that, the Asian kids are just simply
*better*. They just naturally see chess combinations
and even the way they move the pieces is noticeably
different (i.e., you could walk into some chess
tournament I run where the kids are wearing masks,
and if I had six white kids and six black kids
there, you would very quickly learn to spot from
body language and the way that the pieces are
snapped into place, who was who.

Even *ten* years ago, a white kid I knew
mentioned that he went to a math competition
here in the bay area, and out of a hundred or
so kids there, he was the only white.

That's just the reality. Go to the elementary
classrooms yourself, and try to talk to kids
about math or chess or something, if you don't
believe me.

Now it's *EXTREMELY* unfashionable to point these
things about, but either you are afraid of the
truth or you're not.


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