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Hi everyone,
Artists, musicians, electricians, teachers, revolutionaries, hackers,
Codecon-ers, gardeners, MAKErs, and students -- this is for you. I'm
pleased to invite you to the DIYbio Salon -- a place to learn and
share about biotech in the Bay area.
Our first session will be held on May 2 at Noisebridge
(www.noisebridge.net) in San Francisco.
DIYbio Salon
May 2nd, 2:00-3:00 pm
Noisebridge, 83 C Wiese St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
Google Maps
30 min: What is Do It Yourself biology? What can I do in the Bay Area?
30 min+: Audience presents 10 minute lightning talks -- printouts,
<<10 slides, demos are all excellent
Q&A throughout - this is to get everyone's feet wet. If someone wanted
to get the group up to speed on Arduino, the Noisebridge Cyborg group,
and biofuels projects in the Bay, that would be perfect (please email
me). Feel free to forward this to other mailing lists.
DIYbio.org San Francisco

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