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Sun Apr 26 19:11:31 UTC 2009

Il 25/04/2009 19.47, Lee Corbin ha scritto:

> Well, Mirco, do you think that Dan is
> right? How else to explain it? That is,
> what?, folks in the south don't have
> as much money? Or is it that they don't
> like bread as much?

The reasons are many and mix together:
1) The southerns have less income
2) They buy larger loaves of bread and much more bread
3) The costs of life, in general, is lower (lower house prices, lower 
4) They don't like to pay taxes (for example, the 95% of the families in 
the North pay the TV tax, "Canone RAI"; in places like Naples or Caserta 
the families that pay the TV tax are 20-10% sometimes less), so they 
have lower costs.
5) Moonshine production ( 

> Or is the price greater in the south
> because (i) transportation or storage
> costs are higher and (2) total volume
> is lower (with the earlier factors
> helping to determine that)?

In the North, with higher wages, there are higher costs, less bread 
eaten per capita (but people eat other products from bakeries like) more 
costly bread is bough, the bread is produced in loaves smaller:
for example some loaves are 1 kg size in the south and often they are 
1/2 kg size, where in the north you could find only 120-80g loaves.

The production of bread, in Italy, is only 10% industrial.
Consider that there are something like 150-200 traditional types bread 
(I leave out the numbers about pasta, cheese, wine and oil).

> Or am I totally lost here, and the
> price is *lower* in the south?

It is lower in the south; it is higher in the north.


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