[ExI] Was the Chief Right?

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Mon Apr 27 06:16:28 UTC 2009

Mirco writes

> Il 26/04/2009 2.01, Lee Corbin ha scritto:
>> It was a very long time before anyone spoke. Finally
>> the Chief said, "We have tried making war just among
>> ourselves, and remaining at peace with the Whites,
>> as they would have it. But always the pattern is the
>> same. Either they cannot control their settlers, or
>> we cannot control our young men. And I pass completely
>> over the times when they have simply lied.
> Do they tried multiculturalism?

The American Indians were great believers in
multiculturalism. This stemmed from their extreme
individuality, which also helps explain why they
could not unite against the whites.

They did not tend towards suspicions of others' ways,
unlike us. Most Indians wouldn't give a damn if you
beat your wife, played loud music all night, or got
stinking drunk and became a public menace. Nor would
it ever occur to them to have concerns about your
sexual habits, your religion, or your business

At least that's my understanding.

> I suppose it don't worked as well as they supposed.

It's as if they just couldn't see the big picture.

Or, they simply didn't care about anything beyond
next week or next month.

 > What will [people] do when two mutually
 > exclusive culture[s] come in contact
 > and can not ignore each other?

We need only look at history. It's happened a lot.
One C. Darwin explained the general phenomenon:
the more hardy survives.

(Of course, not all colliding cultures are
mutually exclusive.)

Unfortunately, the less tolerant culture is
the one eliminated, or the one vastly inferior
in technology and numbers.


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