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Tue Apr 28 02:33:59 UTC 2009

At 03:45 PM 4/27/2009, you wrote:
>Il 27/04/2009 21.47, Damien Broderick ha scritto:
>>At 09:01 PM 4/27/2009 +0200, Mirco wrote:
>>>Yes, the idea is good.
>>>You force the utilities to pay handsomely for the first 0,1% of the
>>>energy of the grid, then a bit less for the first 1% and so on.
>>You *force* the utilities??? What sort of free market capitalism is this?

It's no skin off the utilities any more than the expensive solar 
power is to the German utilities.  They just pass on the high 
mandated cost they buy at prices set by the government to the customers.

What this amounts to is a tax, but unlike most taxes, the point is to 
pay a little more for a short time in order to get the power sat 
business going, then paying a lot less for power in the longer run.

It would have to be structured carefully so at the end the customers 
were getting cheap power (and synthetic oil).


>I was evaluating the positive of the proposal, not the ethics of the proposal.
>I would prefer a real free market for all, utilities included.
>I would abolish any and all laws limiting the zoning of power 
>plants, would reduce / abolish the taxes. You know, near the full Rothbard.
>But given that this is not the reality now, given that the 
>government will not go away over the horizon, I evaluate how do the 
>best with what is given.
>The government could force the utilities to buy up to 1% of the 
>energy distributed at higher rates and payback them with a reduction 
>of the taxes equal to the incurred expenses. This would be tax 
>neutral for the utilities and the consumers.
>In Europe they do it for the electric solar power generated by 
>privates so I don't see any problem to extend it to SPS generated electricity.
>But, given the choice, between lower taxes / smaller government and 
>subsides for the SPS I would support the lower taxes.
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