[ExI] Why has Lee Corbin been expelled from the list?

Max More max at maxmore.com
Tue Apr 28 22:47:24 UTC 2009

As I told you just an hour or so ago, privately:

>I'm not directly involved in this, but I believe that Lee is not 
>expelled but is under moderation.
>I know that Spike said he is away this week. I'm not what that 
>implies, but it may mean that Lee won't be able to post until next 
>week, since I think Spike's email access is very limited or 
>non-existent while away (and no one else steps up to the plate for 
>this kind of thankless work).
>Personally, (at this time) I would certainly oppose Lee's permanent 
>removal from the list, but I can see a case for moderation. It's 
>unfortunate that Spike's away (apparently the last time for a while) 
>and so Lee's posts may be blocked in a more blanket way than I 
>expect was intended.

Did you not accept my word, did you not read my reply, or do you ask 
"why?" on the list for some other reason?

Max More, Ph.D.
Strategic Philosopher
max at maxmore.com 

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