[ExI] META: A modest proposal for the Extropy-Chat list

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 06:55:18 UTC 2009

As much as I like Lee, he (and some others) kept on discussing Muslims
in the West, despite being asked repeatedly to stop.  And so Lee
brought this (up to a point) on himself.

I think those in charge here, Natasha, etc., decided an example had to
be made. And because Lee was in violation of repeated moderator
orders, and is also a prominent Extropy list poster, he was chosen for
temporary banishment from the Extropian realm here.

"I will be as good unto ye as ever a Queen was unto her people. No
will in me can lack, neither do I trust shall there lack any power.
And persuade yourselves that for the safety and quietness of you all I
will not spare if need be to spend my blood.
(Elizabeth to the Lord Mayor and people of London on the eve of her

"Long Life to Queen Natasha and her consort Max!"

"May they live a 1,000 years!"

John  : )

P.S.  Please bring back Lord Corbin soon.

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