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John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 07:13:06 UTC 2009

Spike, wow you have had quite a year!  I'd say you need to take a vacation,
except that people who go on vacation often feel when they get home, that
they need to take yet another vacation to recover from the first one! LOL
I'm so glad you got your professional challenges resolved and can now focus
on family.

you wrote:
Now please someone step up and moderate this fine list.  I nominate John
Grigg.  Isn't the Griggmeister about the nicest guy you ever met?  Johnny I
respectfully offer you the badge sir.  We will do whatever you say.  Well,
not really, but we will cheer you on and will be cool if you serve only the
six month term we originally envisioned nearly four years ago.  I will never
utter a word of complaint, nor will anyone who has served as Exi-chat
moderator, or plans to do so.

BillK wrote:
hey also need to be closely aligned with the objectives of the owners
of the list as their moderation must have the owners' support and be
aimed at maintaining list standards as specified by the owners.
A six month term sounds like a good idea, but to be be practical, the
limits will be
a) How long they can face doing the job
b) How long they maintain the confidence and support of the owners.
c) How long before lynch mobs petition the owners.

I feel very complimented by your nomination, but I think BillK has a good
point about how being a nice guy is just not enough for this position.  But
ironically, he may not know me so well, because I do have a tougher side
(from having been in hospitality management, complexity help me) and
actually could do the job, just not as fiercely as Eugen Leitl, or
as charmingly (like a beloved bartender) as you did it.  I would of course
view Max More and Natasha Vita-More as the ultimate arbiters/supreme
court, because this is their baby.  I love the Extropian email
list and would do my best to maintain the standards (gently but firmly).
Evidence of doing a good job might very well be no longer being viewed as a
sweet guy. lol  But I hope not.

I had thought Natasha would take up the reins, but if she does not want to,
then a replacement will need to be found for you.  Emlyn?  BillK? John K
Clark?  I'm sure we have a number of people around here who could do a good
job, in the ways BillK listed.

John : )
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