[ExI] Why has Lee Corbin has NOT been expelled from the list?

Max More max at maxmore.com
Thu Apr 30 22:32:05 UTC 2009

Damien wrote:
>Yes, you explained what you thought happened:
><it's my understanding that Lee is indeed on moderation and has not
>been "expelled". Use of the term "booted" or "expelled" is unhelpful
>because it fails to distinguish between these two possibilities.>
>--my point was that this didn't seem terribly consistent with what
>Lee said actually happened:
> >"You have been unsubscribed from the
> >extropy-chat mailing list."

The more relevant part of what I said was:

> >I know that Spike said he is away this week. I'm not what that
> >implies, but it may mean that Lee won't be able to post until next
> >week, since I think Spike's email access is very limited or
> >non-existent while away (and no one else steps up to the plate for
> >this kind of thankless work).

In other words: If Spike were away, he might be unable to let any of 
Lee's posts through until he returned. That didn't mean that he had 
been expelled from the list, if that means permanently removed. I'm 
assuming Lee Corbin is back, since I received a post from him to the 
List on the morning of the 28th. I'll email him now to ask. If he's 
not, perhaps he can wait until we have a new moderator sorted out.


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