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This seems seems a natural fit. It all looks compatible with the IOSI
concepts, with the exception of the later stage manned mission
proposals. I've regarded that as just a bit too ambitious for a
'crowdsourced' approach to development -at least until we have access
to a second or third generation of new machine tool technology.
Telerobotics could certainly help a fast-track short duration manned
mission by pre-deploying temporary outpost facilities, reducing their
delivery costs (and affording redundancy), and assembling transorbital
spacecraft on-orbit using modest scale unmanned launch systems. (as
long as you aren't carrying human beings, you don't need a man-rated
launch vehicle to loft man-rated hardware, so there's some savings
even if you can't go so far as to exploit low-reliability launch
logistics due to the higher value of the payload) The 'beamship'
concept proposed as the transport for telerobotic settlement hardware
(so called because its architecture is based on a single truss beam
assembled on-orbit that serves as the primary structure for the
vessel) also offers a lower cost approach to manned transorbital
vessel design based on the use of large but simple Transhab hull
modules or what I call 'EvoHab' hulls that decouple pressure hull and
shielding by using a space frame to support modular shield panels
enclosing pneumatic hull skins that can be packed in very small
packages and easily replaced as a habitat structurally evolves. This
same approach is suited to surface habitat construction and allows
robotic pre-assembly, though without local industry to manufacture its
parts it's more suited to small temporary shelters.

By the way, I've gotten some passive interest for the IOSI concept
from the start-up TV network OWL TV (Other Worlds and Lands) which has
interest in the concept of a documentary-style reality show following
the activities of developer participants and annual conventions. If
they're interested in pursuing this, it could be a way to get
sponsorship to support initial media and mock-up development while
helping attract more philanthropic support. What I imagine is an
initial PR effort using a mobile exhibit intended to draw attention to
the program web site. I've been suggesting a portable exhibit based on
a presentation video (also used on the web site), a walk-through
labyrinth display based on trade show banner stands showcasing graphic
visualizations (I've corresponded with Aldo Spadoni and hope he might
be interested in doing this artwork if there are sponsors for it), a
semi-working miniature model mockup of a settlement (with a few simple
RC robots for visitors to control. Might be a good tie-in for
MiniSpaceWorld), and perhaps a mockup manned settlement structure -
based on T-slot construction like that of the Jeriko House company (I
wrote for their web site and am friendly with their owner so they
might be willing to participate)- accompanying the model settlement as
an enclosure. This PR work would not only get the ball rolling with
the program itself but be used as a way to pick program participants
to follow for the TV show, with the 'story' based on their efforts to
get hardware developed to demonstrate at annual IOSI conventions. This
prospect of appearing in a TV show could be a good added motivator for
early participation in the program -both for developers as well as

Eric Hunting
erichunting at gmail.com

On Jul 28, 2009, at 8:14 AM, charles_radley wrote:

> Dear SRI friends,
> Perhaps there is opportunity for the SRI (Space Renaissance
> Initiative) OSI (Open Space Initiative) to collaborate with OpenLuna.
> Moon Society is a supporter of SRI.
> Best regards, Charles Radley - VP Moon Society.
> http://openluna.org/

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