[ExI] Curves on a graph (was Re: Richard Lindzen on climatehysteria)

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Wed Aug 5 01:56:23 UTC 2009

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> It's interesting how much argument on climate change is based 
> on looking at data, trying to see the developing trends, and 
> often a graph demonstrating an upward curve is used to 
> illustrate the point for global warming, and downward curves 
> on sunspots used to argue for global cooling... Tom

Good observations all, Tom.  Now that the very recent trend may be towards
cooling and the sunspot cycle is wacky low this time, we again (as in the
1970s) have two competing theories of future climate, warming and cooling.
Given that there is a risk we will be unable to counteract a trend in either
direction, perhaps soon the mainstream will start to look at a new question:
which is worse?

Looks to me like we have *plenty* of margin for a warmer planet but durn
little for a colder one.  We are an African species which has radiated over
most of this globe, but we are still mostly huddled for warmth near the
equator, with the population thinning as one gets further from that
temperate band.  

We humans can survive the warmest places on this planet with little or no
technology, but we sure cannot survive the cold without it anywhere but
right on the lowest latitudes.  Even in sunny Taxifornia, without clothing
and combustion, we cannot survive a typical winter night.  Without our air
conditioning, we would certainly be uncomfortable, but we would live
everywhere.  Humans live in the hottest equatorial desert without air
conditioning, and even with defeating technologies, such as forcing the
women there to wear all-covering black garments (shame to those who condone
that btw).

So what of this?  Suppose global climate is changing.  It is a minor
inconvenience (with some tangeable benefits) if warming, but quickly fatal
to jillions if cooling.  The risk seems to be on one side.  Could it be that
our focus on warming theory is all wishful thinking?  Or we just can't face
the risk of cooling?


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