[ExI] Sea level rise (was: Curves on a graph (was Re: RichardLindzen on climatehysteria))

spike spike66 at att.net
Wed Aug 5 21:13:36 UTC 2009

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	Or it is just a "thermal expansion"?
	But guess what. Seas are even colder lately. How you will warm them
so fast? kilometers deep down?  How?

It has been a while since I did the calcs, but I recall trying to estimate
the risk of shutting down the Atlantic currents by warming at the poles.
When I did the estimates, I found that increasing the air temperature did
very little to the temperature of the ocean.  I never did follow up to see
if others concluded likewise, but my BOTECs showed that the overwhelming
factor for ocean cooling near the pole is radiation into space.  Changing
the air temperature 20C didn't change the water temperature much at all.
You have *some* conduction from the melting ice cap, but even that factor
was way smaller than the radiation factor as I recall.  It has been over ten
yrs ago however.  Anyone here do a model of that?  Or know where to find a
good one?



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