[ExI] Creationism, Birtherism, Singularitarianism, and Other Fantasies

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Sat Aug 8 14:49:51 UTC 2009

Creationism, Birtherism, Singularitarianism, and Other Fantasies

It was also Istapunded.



Let me post a few comments here (as I'm not able to post them at IEET.org

"Interesting how the page you link about Orly Taitz is a "debunker" site
devoted to support Obama. But more interesting are the comments there:
of five comments we have:
1) "Deport this seditious subversive back to her homeland where she can
try her act on Putin."
2) "From the history of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a Russian
Jew should know better than to play around with forged documents."
3) "Curious, does anyone know if Ms. Taitz is actually in this country

By the way, the article point to the fact that Ms. Taitz is not a
natural born citizen. I think her never claimed this. So, what the
point? Only a "natural born citizen" have the right to question/argue
about someone else status of natural born citizens

Calling obamaconspiracy.org an hate site would be wrong?

The article is interesting as how the writer choose his examples.
He could have taken the "truthers of 9/11" as example instead of the
"birthers". They are much more known internationally. But I have this
feeling (unsubstantiated, for sure) that he think that attacking
"truthers" is not good, as the great majority of them is of the leftist
variety and not able to accept opposition to their positions and
violence is use more often by the leftists.

kurt9 reply is very interesting:
"You know, even if I were a flaming liberal, I would still back Peter
Thiel's argument. Peter Thiel has no desire to impose his worldview on
others. That's why he promotes the seasteading concept. He wants to go
somewhere else where he can live out his worldview while not imposing it
on others who do not share it. How can anyone object to this?

Mike Treder, on the other hand, is opposed to this. He wants to prevent
people like Peter Thiel from "leaving" to do something that Mike does
not agree with. In other words, Peter is content to allow Mike to do his
thing. But Mike is not content to allow Peter to do his thing. Mike is
being intolerant, not Peter.

Mike has sort of a "Berlin Wall" mentality in that people who disagree
with him should not be allowed to "leave" to do their own thing
elsewhere. It is because of this "control" mentality that I despise the
left (and the religious right) so much. The reason why libertarianism is
morally superior to other worldviews is because it does not have this
"control" mentality. Indeed, libertarianism exist to oppose this kind of
"control" mentality."


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