[ExI] Tools for improving health care in the USA, now

Max More max at maxmore.com
Thu Aug 27 03:19:55 UTC 2009

BillK wrote:

>In an ideal world, yes, do both.
>But one option is virtually free with huge benefits and the other 
>option costs over a trillion dollars with debatable benefits.

Over a trillion dollars? Yes, but only if you're talking about the 
highly interventionist approach to reform. A market-based reform 
would cost less than nothing, in total. It would cost some billions 
to issue vouchers for private medical insurance for the poor, but 
that could be more than paid for by eliminating Medicaid. The cost 
for Medicaid in 2005 was $316 billion, and it covered 17 million 
households. That's about $18,500 per household per year. That's about 
50% more than the cost of an annual premium for family coverage -- 
even at current rates, before improved competition lowers them.

Eliminating agricultural subsidies would both save a lot of money and 
possibly allow the price of unhealthy foods to rise, encouraging a 
shift to healthier eating.


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