[ExI] Private and government R&D

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Thu Jul 2 23:13:52 UTC 2009

Eschatoon Magic ha scritto:

> Why so many inflexible rules and regulations?

Because people are weak and tend to bend the rules.
They are able to bend the most inflexible rules, so giving them a
flexible rule is like giving them no rule.

> What is wrong with making the best decision on a case by case basis?

You can not know what is the best decision before taking and following
it. You will know after, maybe, if it was the best decision.

It is like deciding how much trust give to unknown men.
You can not decide case by case, because you have not enough infos to
decide about the case at hand. You will have the infos after  you start
to interact.
What you can do is to decide, before, how much trust give to unknown
men. Then, based on the outcomes of these encounters, you could decide
to change the level of trust you want give. But you can not decide for
the single encounter.

So, the best decision is to stick with the rules and regulation that
statistically give the best outcomes. This is to let the market
self-regulate the level of research and funding requested and done.

> In some case, the best course of action can be purchasing research 
> done in the private sector. In others, organizing research done by 
> public employees. In others, leaving everything to the dynamics of 
> the marketplace. In others, something else. There is no 
> one-size.fits-all magic bullet, one just has to roll his sleeves up 
> and make things work.

Do you ever think that certain things can not be made work as we wish?
And the best way to obtain the most from them is not to interfere with them?


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