[ExI] how did we get here?

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Mon Jul 20 02:38:26 UTC 2009

OK so we didn't get robot maids or flying cars, but that isn't all.
It has been a loooong long time since I have been at any public pool, but I
must confess I was shocked and disappointed today.  Envision swimwear from
the 1930s:
Repeat for 1950s:
1970s and 80s:
You get the trend there, so I guess I expected at some point we would skip
the pretense of actually wearing clothing, and be cool with it at public
pools and beaches.  Some SF writers have picked up on this, and had
characters with a nonchalant attitude towards mixed nudity, such as in OS
Card's Enders Game.
I went to a neighbhorhood party today at the local community pool, with my
son and some of his colarvae.  I was shocked that almost all the ladies, all
with the exception of two preflabescent teens, had some manner of obscuring
blouse over top their all too non-revealing swimwear.  Far too much was left
to my overtaxed imagination.  There was lack of skin everywhere, more cloth
than I have seen at a pool in decades.  Buns were actually covered.  And
this is California!  Not only have we as a society failed to advance to the
logical conclusion, we appear to have gone wildly retro, back to the 1930s,
if not further.  
I felt I was in a den of iquity.  
How did this happen?  I was busy living my middle years, working my career,
taking care of my family, things seemed to be moving along just fine.  Then
we hit a rough patch, I wake up one day to find that America has become
liberal, modest and bankrupt. 

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