[ExI] Flagrant Self-Promotion #1: I'M DYING HERE

Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Mon Jun 1 23:45:42 UTC 2009

Calloo callay! I cavort merrily, waving my author copies of Broderick 
& Barnes' new comic noir crime release from PointBlank Press.

But wait--is I'M DYING HERE *really* a *new* release?

Well, yes and no. A while back PointBlank did an earlier version with 
the very Australian and slightly naughty title I SUPPOSE A ROOT'S OUT 
OF THE QUESTION?  Then something peculiar and tragic happened with 
the distribution, or didn't. An expensive hard cover edition was 
advertised, but the paperback was never listed at Amazon and similar venues.

So the title sank literally without trace.

PointBlank went into a sort of retreat for a while, around that time, 
but recently has bounced back to life. The publisher kindly offered 
us the chance to rethink our presentation.

So we changed the title to some more grabby and understandable by 
USians, then slightly de-Australianized the vernacular. Not enough to 
neuter the book, but I think every appearance of "root" has been 
replaced by a more generally understood term, one sometimes 
associated with mothers.

Anyway, it is now available, for the possible delectation of extropes 
who might fancy a crime romp complete with camel and Saudi prince. 
Award winning crime novelist and critic Bill Crider generously 
provided this quote, which we sampled for the cover line:

"I'm Dying Here is one wild ride.  It begins with massive 
destruction, proceeds to Bactrian destruction at warp speed, and then 
takes a left turn that's not really a turn at all.  Through the melee 
strides Tom Purdue, private-eye, jailbird, feng shui master, and 
walking disaster.  This is a comic, crazy, original crime novel.  You 
won't find another one like it this year, or, more likely, ever."


Coming soon: Flagrant Self-Promotions #2 and #3...

Damien Broderick

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