[ExI] Iran's plan for their gay population

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Il 02/06/2009 21.38, Stefano Vaj ha scritto:
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>     I haven't been reading this thread very closely, but I don't think
>     anyone has yet pointed out how absurd it would be to "treat"
>     same-sex desire with transgender operations (except in a few cases).
> Not to mention in the event of bisexuals, or of male/male and
> female/female gays with a perfectly standard gender orientation.
> But the real point is: are Iranians actually speaking of homosexuals or
> rather of transgender individuals?

They are framing the problem around Islam.
There can only be women and men and sex is allowed only between men and 
women married. Other form are prohibited and must be punished.
They consider homosexuality a disorder where the person have the wrong 
body. They never considered (as would be blasphemous) that there could 
be different inclinations than the canonical ones. They fix the body 
problem so the new woman can have legal sex with a man, if he will marry 
her before.

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