[ExI] Iran's plan for their gay population

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Wed Jun 3 14:03:13 UTC 2009

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>> The example given don't want kill all homosexual (and
>> the people fornicating
>> out of a religiously sanctioned ceremony and the
>> people doing act against
>> nature - whatever they could be) nor advocate to do
>> so.
>> Don't bother to understand the difference.
> Iran is the latest boogieman, and everything in the Western
> press
> reflects this and is bullshit.
> There's an old joke where a guy says to his friend, "I've
> found a way
> to tell when that politician is lying."  His friend,
> interest piqued,
> asks "How?" The friend responds, "Watch him closely, and
> whenever you
> see his lips move..."
> Apply the principal. Whenever you see something about Iran
> in the
> Western press, think "lips".

While I agree that many in the West, including in the Western elites, are trying to demonize Iran, I don't think every last report about Iran is false.  The threat (to the West, especially to the US), I think, is inflated*, but Iran is not a society where no oppression ever occurs above the normal background level we've come to accept.  (That said, I'm not sure where to rate it -- probably far less oppressive than many other states in the region, such as Saudi Arabia.)



*  And whatever threat is there could be handled by the US militarily disengaging from the region.  Regional powers -- Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, and India -- can then balance against Iran rather than having their defense subsidized by the taxpayers in US and its allies.


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