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> That's right - the more money gets spent on these 3 common killers
> of the elderly, the greater the death rates. I remember checking out
> the website and seeing how they compared big-spending hospitals with
> smaller hospitals and with big "centre of excellence" hospitals.
> Over-servicing is here and killing elderly Americans today.

This is not a US feature only.

(With Google Translate)

>> Alarm defensive medicine, 8 surgeons in 10 admit to practice
>> Milan, 4 June. (Adnkronos Health) - Useless admission, unnecessary
>> tests, unnecessary drugs, even difficult patients' avoided 'for
>> fear. The fear of being dragged to court by their sick or their
>> family takes hostage the Italian white gowns. In particular, the
>> surgeons, 78% of whom admit to having resorted to the so-called
>> defensive medicine to prevent any legal disputes. The survey finds
>> empirical promoted by the Italian Society of Surgery (Sic),
>> conducted between July and November 2008 on a sample of 307
>> doctors. The research will be presented tomorrow at the University
>> Cattolica in Milan, during the panel discussion 'The problem of
>> defensive medicine and criminal responsibility in health care: a
>> proposal for reform'. The event is from 11:30 to 17:30, in Room
>> Negri Oleggio from university wide Twins 1st To organize the
>> meeting is the Centro studi 'Federico Stella' criminal justice and
>> criminal policy (Csgp) of the Catholic, that the opportunity for
>> launching a proposal for legislative reform with the aim of
>> managing more effectively disputes health. Of the 307 surgeons
>> questioned - reads a note in the Catholic - 83% say they have
>> entered in avoidable medical records, and 69.8% confessed to having
>> brought the hospitalization of a patient in hospital despite the
>> patient was ambulatory manageable, and 61.3% no secret of having a
>> prescribed number of diagnostic tests to more than necessary. And
>> again. 58.6% of the white lab coat says he made of the consultation
>> is not necessary with other specialists, 51.5% have prescribed
>> unnecessary drugs, and 26.2% have excluded patients at risk from
>> certain treatments, as well the normal rules of caution. As for the
>> main reasons that lead to defensive behaviors, 80, 4% of
>> respondents interviewed stated precisely the fear of medico-legal
>> litigation. Just starting from the data of Sic - coordinated by
>> Gabrio Forti, Professor of Criminal Law and Criminology and
>> director of Csgp, and Maurizio Catino, Professor of Sociology at
>> the University degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca - speakers outline the
>> key points of a draft legislative reform on defensive medicine and
>> the management of litigation related to clinical risk. "One project
>> - the University anticipates Milan - focused around the limitation
>> of criminal liability of health care for the only cases of gross
>> negligence, to the expectation of justice programs, alternative to
>> criminal proceedings, and a new set of guarantees related to
>> insurance ' provision of health services. " The researchers remind
>> Csgp as "over 10 years, from 1995 to 2005, the number of claims
>> reported to insurance companies in Italy, in the field of civil
>> liability in the health sector has increased from just over 17
>> thousand to about 28,500, registering an increase of 65% (Ania,
>> 2007).

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