[ExI] Flagrant Self-Promotion #2: UNCLE BONES

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Mon Jun 8 13:00:06 UTC 2009


> ...On Behalf Of Damien Broderick
> Subject: [ExI] Flagrant Self-Promotion #2: UNCLE BONES
> My latest book, the science fiction long story collection 
> UNCLE BONES, just to hand this afternoon in the mail from the 
> small press publisher Fantastic Books. It's a handsome trade 
> paperback, with especially handsome surrealistic/noir cover 
> art by transhumanist Anders Sandberg reproduced beautifully. 
> What fun to have a book out on Monday (the crime novel I'M 
> DYING HERE, co-written with Rory
> Barnes) and another on Friday... And more on their way.
> Apologies to anyone who finds this excruciatingly off topic.
> Damien Broderick

Thanks Damien, we are proud of you man!  Do ot apologise for when one of our
own is making a good living selling his words, that is soooo cool.  Do post
on this topic early and often, at least several times with each new book.
We are feeling something like those whose grandchildren have just graduated
valedictorian from the university.


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