[ExI] Flagrant Self-Promotion #2: UNCLE BONES

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Tue Jun 9 01:09:05 UTC 2009


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> Subject: Re: [ExI] Flagrant Self-Promotion #2: UNCLE BONES
> At 06:00 AM 6/8/2009 -0700, Spike wrote:
> >We are feeling something like those whose grandchildren have just 
> >graduated valedictorian from the university.
> Or in this case, like those whose granddad has tottered to 
> the store and back without his walker frame...  :)
> There's a link to a San Antonio site run by the sf artist 
> John Picacio that mentions the two latest books and a 
> forthcoming interview:
> <http://missionsunknown.com/2009/06/one-two-punch-from-sas-dam
> ien-broderick/>
> Damien Broderick

One of the stories in Uncle Bones is the best sf story I have ever read: The
Magi.  For sheer emotional impact, the visualizations, the scenes from that
story are burned into my consciousness like a brand on a steer's flesh.  For
those who decide to read Uncle Bones, do save that as a main course for
last.  The thudding impact of the punchline, the inescapable logic,
everything in that story is a masterpiece.  Excellent work, Dr. Broderick!


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