[ExI] Dangers of coffee and black tea??

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 05:31:07 UTC 2009

 Max wrote:
In this link John posted...
I was amused by the immortalist-friendly bit that says:
..."calling on all the boys who were under ninety years of age..."
(45-year old neonate)

Max, if you were to see a picture of a Mormon patriarch from those days, you
would not be surprised to have them say such a thing! lol  They definitely
had the "Old Testament look" down cold.

Yes, at 45 you are a neonate.  And at 90 you get to be considered a
mature man, but at 91 you die of old age! lol  I know I would not want too
much time with which to screw up my adult responsibilities...

 I found it funny that it was a complaining wife, who had to clean up a
disgusting mess, that prompted the circumstances for The Word of Wisdom to
come into being.

>From Wikipedia:
Smith once finished preaching a sermon on the Word of Wisdom and immediately
afterward rode through the streets smoking a
to Lyman, this was just one of many instances in which Smith
"tried the faith of the Saints ... by his peculiarities." (One modern
commentator has suggested that this may have been done by Smith to ensure
that his followers' faith was based on the Latter Day Saint religion and not
on Smith's personality or leadership.)

I'm going to finish this post on The Word of Wisdom and then next Sunday
attend Church with a cigar in hand.  Or at least do some laps on my
bike around the building as I shout between puffs, "what prophet of the
Church am I imitating?"

John  : )
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