[ExI] Attacking Rand

Eschatoon Magic eschatoon at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 17:52:11 UTC 2009

I am frequently surprised by how often the name of Rand appears on the
list. I tried often reading some of her novels, but always gave up
after a few pages because I found them too boring. My impression is
that she was a very minor writer, with some interesting ideas like
most writers, but certainly not one of the major writers of thinkers
of the 20th century.

I would not agree on the proposed use of her novels in the toilet
because in my opinion no writer deserves that (try writing a novel
yourself and see what I mean), but I don't understand the positive or
negative fascination with Rand that so many people on this list seem
to have. Can anyone explain it to me? Here in Europe most learned
people have no idea of who she was.

Eschatoon Magic
aka Giulio Prisco

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