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Thu Jun 11 04:27:13 UTC 2009

2009/6/11 Damien Broderick <thespike at satx.rr.com>:
>> As far as I know, aspartame is most widely used (it is - or was - part of
>> some dietetic drinks). Sometimes under different names. So I think it is
>> possible, that its availability might have been a factor in its perceived
>> harmful effects.
> I took it in my tea and on cereals as a sweetener for years, and
> simultaneously had an increasing incidence of... well, feeling like shit.
> Dizzy, slightly nauseated, nothing you could put your finger on,
> increasingly intolerable. One day Barbara told me she'd read that aspartame
> had some deleterious side effects. I scoffed. What? I've been using this
> stuff for years! Yeah, and--? So on a venture I stopped using it. Within a
> couple of days, the evil shit went away. Unbelievable. And while I still
> feel crappy from time to time, it's not *every bloody day*. I could try
> taking it again for a couple of months to cross-check, but I'd rather not.
> (The cyanide experiment put me off that.) (Just kidding.)
> Damien Broderick


I've come across scare stuff about Aspartame from the woo crowd (cited
in the article above). But just because those poor fools are saying
there's a problem, I guess that doesn't logically mean there is no
actual problem.

I've tried using artificial sweeteners at times, and noticed some
weirdness. I reckon they play a bit of havoc with you, because they
fool your body into thinking it's had a bunch of sugar, something to
which it will react in various ways. Similarly with decaf coffee, I
noticed that it really messed with me I think because the body
mistakes it for the real thing and reacts accordingly. For a caffeine
addict, that reaction is pretty harsh.


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