[ExI] Inflatable tower could climb to the edge of space

Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Thu Jun 11 06:21:18 UTC 2009

At 10:06 PM 6/10/2009 -0700, Spike wrote:

>to help you visualize what I have in mind, let us imagine a 200:1
>scale model, so that the bottom layers would be made of blocks the size of
>the afore-mentioned six sided wooden pencils, which are about half a cm
>diameter and about 10 cm long for this model.  So to visualize the tower,
>imagine placing the pencils adjacent in a ring about five meters across,

So it's a conical shell. What's in the middle? Just air? Does this 
shell or Tower of Spikel "breathe"? Can you use lighter buckystuff 
instead of steel (assuming it's available)?

Damien Broderick

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