[ExI] If 90% of all rapists are men, are 90% of all men rapists?

Stefano Vaj stefano.vaj at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 15:54:47 UTC 2009

On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 4:02 PM, Dan<dan_ust at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Oh, all right.  My point was, in bringing up the Deuteronomy verses, that most Jews and Christians -- after all, this is in the Hebrew Bible -- do not follow the command.

Most denominational catholics in Italy do not slay infidels as for
that matter they do not refrain from masturbation nor love their next
especially much nor go to Mass.

So what? You are still entitled to call yourself a communist if you do
not believe in the class struggle and you worship market freedom and
private property. Only, people are entitled to point to the
unplausibility of your claim... :-)

Stefano Vaj

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