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> Please specify exactly what you are disputing, before I waste time
> trying to find statistics.  Do you dispute that abortion doctors get
> killed by christians?  Or that gays get killed by christians?  Or
> that virtually all white-supremacist groups are biblically based?

Could you tell us how many Christians support or condone or are neutral
with the actions of the Christian killers of abortion doctors?
Could you tell us why abortion doctors are killed by Christians? What
were the motives of the killings
Could you tell us how many abortion doctors are practising and how many
was killed?
How many Christians Churches support or condone the killing of abortion

How many Christians that killed gays are arguing that the killing is
justifiable by the Deuteronomy or the Bible?
How many Christians condone or support the killings of gays?
How many Christians Churches support or condone the killings of gays.

How many Christians want to the laws in the Deuteronomy to become the
laws of the land?

> Or are you just arguing that these murders don't occur too
> "regularly" even though they are not too uncommon?

Number please.
Regularly could be one time every week or one time every century.
In Italy I'm not aware of any abortion doctors being killed by any
Christian fundamentalist for doing abortions and the Catholic Church
constantly condemn the abortions.

> There is plenty of evidence that some segments of Christianity
> promote violence.  Quibbling over the exact numbers is a red
> herring.

Is this segment the 0,1% of the Christians, the 1% of the Christians,
the 10% of the Christians?
What other Christians do when this segment practice or promote violence? 
Support them, condone them, condemn them, act against them?

> Here are some references:

> - The Wikipedia article on Christian Terrorism
> <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_terrorism>

Do you actually red this article of the Wikipedia?

just following the first link to the first group

>> Some of the Freedomites (A very small minority) were notable for
>> their arson campaigns, as a sign of their protest against
>> materialistic life. They targeted belongings and other material
>> possessions. The attacks occurred throughout the 20th century, but
>> the periods of greatest activity was during the 1920s and 1960s.
>> Both arson and bombing were used. Targets included the property of
>> themselves and other Doukhbors to further exhibit their dislike of
>> materialism; Attacks on schools to resist government pressure to
>> school Svobodnik children; and attacks on transportation and
>> communications. Most of these acts were committed in the nude.

>> Among the reactions of the British Columbia and Canadian
>> government was taking away Freedomite children. Abuse of these
>> children was later alleged, and a formal apology demanded. The BC
>> government made an official Statement of Regret that satisfied
>> some, but not others. The Government of Canada has not apologized
>> for its role in the removal, saying that it is not responsible for
>> actions taken by the government in place 50 years ago

Evil, evil freedomites.
A small minority of 2500 Freedomites (10-20?) is violent.
The government take away their children, with false allegations, and
they dare to protest nude and burn and bomb their own properties.
And the Canadian Government, 50 years after the facts, give out an
Official Statement of Regret?

The Indians one are equally interesting. Only because some ethnic
conflict between groups composed mainly by Christians happen, this is
automatically linked to the religion.

Idem with The Trouble in Ulster. This is a nationalistic conflict
between Irish and British people, not between Catholics and Anglicans /

Lord's Resistance Army ????
These are Christians as a bat is a bird.
And they mix Islam in their faith, too.

> - The FBI hate-crime statistics<http://www.fbi.gov/ucr/ucr.htm>

> - The Christian Violence FAQ
> <http://atheism.about.com/library/FAQs/christian/blfaq_viol_index.htm>

- Christian Violence in History
> <http://www.islam101.com/terror/christianViolence.htm>

This is risible:

> Europe's Reformation and Counter Reformation Era
> Two thirds of the Christian population of Europe was slaughtered by Christians

> The African slave trade  	Claimed the lives of 10 million

Lost is the fact that the Muslims sold the slaves to the Christians and 
captured them. And they captured and sold as much for the Muslims 
markets. And they continue to keep slavery as a law until last year (and 
very few Muslims argued against).

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