[ExI] If 90% of all rapists are men, are 90% of all men rapists?

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Thu Jun 11 14:49:08 UTC 2009

On Thursday 11 June 2009 10:02:25 am Dan wrote:
> I don't recall verses where abortion is similarly proscribed.

Good point.  I was overreaching on the abortion killings.  The bible does not 
directly forbid abortion.  This is more interpretation of when life begins 
than a specific commandment.

> *  One thing Jesus seems to consistently rail against is divorce, but I
> don't see many Christian Biblical literalists calling for prohibiting
> divorce.  (Of course, I'm assuming here that there was a Jesus and that the
> New Testament is accurate in regard to this part of his views.  I think
> it's highly questionable that there ever was Jesus -- much less that the
> New Testament is an accurate record of his views, life, and deeds.)

This makes it even more fun to read Mark 10:4-5, which seems to have Jesus 
admitting that Moses wrote an Old Testament commandment because the people 
wanted it, not because it was actually a command from god.

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