[ExI] The Death Toll Imbalance in the Mideast War (Was: Mary Magdelene?/was Re: Iran's plan for their gay population)

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Il 10/06/2009 1.06, Stefano Vaj ha scritto:
> 2009/6/9 painlord2k at libero.it<painlord2k at libero.it>:
>> Well, in Iraq you can publish a paper and criticize, heavily, the government
>> and the government will not close the journal nor will jail the publisher
>> and the journalists. In Iran the jail is the better part of what would happen.

> Really? I am just back from Iran, and beliveve me, the electoral
> campaign is being fought much harder, and is followed with more
> interest by a population that votes at age 16 in the percentage of 85
> per cent, than in most western countries.

How many left shoes are around that wait the left shoes to arrive after 
the elections?

>> The shoe thrower would have never, ever, think to do the same with Mubarak
>> or Saddam or Armadinejad because they would have him jailed forever or
>> swiftly killed, and probably his family too would had many problems.

> Isn't Mubarak the darling of the West in the region (as, btw, Saddam
> himself used to be for a long time)?

Saddam not for sure.
Mubarak is a bit better than Saddam and a bit worse than the Sha of Iran.
The problem is how to riddle Egypt of him without having the Muslim 
Brotherhood take over.
And this is a problem of many Egyptians.

If the MB take over, the troubles in the M.E. would grow larger and war 
would follow. And this time would be something very ugly.


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