[ExI] The Death Toll Imbalance in the Mideast War

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Il 11/06/2009 12.25, Emlyn ha scritto:
> 2009/6/11 John Grigg

>> An extremely disturbing scenario would be where a Bush/Nixon type
>> administration results in the president using executive orders to make
>> himself a de facto dictator ("until the emergency is over").  And then if
>> the military supports him he gets to stay in office indefinitely as he runs
>> over American civil rights and carries out a supercharged neocon-style
>> agenda.

> I think that already happened. Note your country's current debate
> about what to do with the poor bastards stuck in that torture house in
> Cuba. How did the US end up in this place?

Torture House?
Pic-Nic House would be better.

The US went in this mess because Bush and the Congress refused to do the 
only reasonable things to do when someone bomb your major buildings in 
your major cities. Declare formally war to them.

With a formal declaration of war, there would not be legal problem with 
prisoners. They stay in jail until their commanders surrender or until 
they are too old and weak to be dangerous.

The other problem is the preoccupation with their human rights if sent 
back to their home countries or where they were captured. They are/were 
enemy combatants. It is their problem if when they return home they are 
kicked in another jail.

Now Obambi call someone else to host the terrorists he is not available 
to host in the US. You know why? Because if anyone of the do anything 
terror related against the US or its citizens, on the US soil, he will 
take the blame.
Sorry. Your problem. You want them free and safe, you must pay the price 
of YOUR choices. Share the wealth if you like, the debts you can keep.


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